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Story - Why Confidentiality May Be Important with London Escorts

Why Confidentiality May Be Important with London Escorts

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We have clients call us from all over the world. Some request confidentiality when they book to ensure that no one finds out that they are calling an escort agency. We understand the desire for secrecy and have no problem honouring this. There may be a few reasons why you may request this confidentiality.

You’re on a Business Trip

Consider what would happen if your co-workers found out that you called an escort agency. If you’re on a business trip, confidentiality may be something that you haven’t thought of. Although your employer may not care what you do on your own time, your co-workers could end up teasing you constantly about it. It’s much easier to go out without having to worry about what other people think. If you do end up running into your co-workers, let them know that you met her at a bar and they won’t think anything else about it.

You are in a High Position

If you are in a high position, such as the CEO or a place in government, there may be a morality clause within your contract. This prevents you from spending time with escorts in London or doing anything else that may be of questionable character. However, you can still have your fun as long as no one finds out. This is when confidentiality is absolutely critical – and at Notting Hill Escorts Agency, we have the experience of dealing with this level of privacy so that you have nothing to worry about.

There are Privacy Issues

There may be a few other privacy issues that you would rather not discuss. Whether you have a family waiting for you at home, you are looking to surprise your wife with something a little thrilling, or anything else, we understand your desire to keep things a bit secretive. You have nothing to worry about when you book with us because we maintain privacy and confidentiality at all times. We will also let the escort know so that she is prim and proper when the two of you are out in public so that no one would ever suspect that you are in the company of an escort.

Whatever the reason, we can honour your confidentiality. While we never sell lists, let us know that you want your identity protected. We will go through extra measures to ensure that no one finds out that you have chosen to call an escort agency during your time in London.

If you have any questions or concerns before you book, please contact us. We are happy to answer any questions and go over the ways that we keep your information private.